Our Charter

Conceived in Australia. Born in Israel. Growing in Singapore.

A Few Good Scientists grew out of a workshop generously sponsored by the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia. The workshop, "Sharing the start-up experience", was hosted by Professor Dan Shechtman, Mr. Bob Lapidot and Professor Namik Aras and introduced Asian scientists to the Israeli startup process.

  • Imagination Realized

    We will increase the visibility of scientists. Innovative projects requiring specialialist skills will be easier, faster and cheaper to finish.

  • Good for Science

    We will promote opportunities for scientists and putting science to use.

  • Science for good

    We will support projects which make life better and and that help reduce the divide between those that have and do not have access to scientific knowledge.

Platform Features

Platform to enable easy access to science services. Built to analyze, test, communicate, create, improve and have fun.

  • Open Access

    Lifting the scientific veil to help you find the technical services you need. Online access for everyone, everywhere, anytime

  • Science - Broadly Defined

    All scientists may list services, from STEM to the social sciences, scientific artists and illustators.

  • Fast

    Post a job and find a scientist faster than conventional methods.

  • Science Loving

    We love scientists and those who seek to put science to use. If it can be done better, contact us at [email protected].

  • Global

    Faciliting searches locally. Enabling connections locally.

  • Collaboration Lite

    Taking the lengthy courting process and long-term commitment out of collaboration.

How It Works

Closing the innovation gap by opening access to scientific services.

Structure of the Platform

The platform is structured like a physical workplace. Click on each room below to find out the types of skills listed.

    In the Writers' Room, you will find scientists with technical writing skills to help you:

    + Compose, edit and review your academic and technical publications.

    + Prepare scientific material for websites and media.

    + Translate and edit your publication in English, ready for submission to peer reviewed journals.

In the Data Room, you will find data scientists to help you:

+ Design data collection, surveys and experiments.

+ Hypothesis testing to complex mathematical modelling.

+ Analyze Big Data.

+ Undertake quantitative analysis (text mining).

+ Design and manage simple or complex databases.

In the Laboratory, you will find biologists, physiologists, physicists, chemists and psychologists to help you:

+ Design and undertake tests.

+ Analyze and interpret results.

In the Workshop, you will find engineers and technicans to help you:

+ Design and build 3D models.

+ Prototype.

+ Undertake CAD, electronics and materials projects.

In the Design Studio, you will find artists and designers who can help you:

+ Create apps, websites and webpages for your scientific project.

+ Create scientific illustrations or vizualisations.

+ Create powerpoint presentations and videos.

In the Experts section, you will find experienced scientists and professionals who can assist with:

+ Technical feasibility assessments when embarking on a new business or investment.

+ Expert testimony.

+ Expert talks.

+ Expert opinion - ask a scientist!

In the Class Room, you will find experienced scientists and professionals who can assist with:

+ Curriculum development.

+ Course materials development.

+ Tutors for school or university.

In the Tech Transfer room, you can read about:

+ Licensing opportunitites.

+ Partnership opportuntites.

+ Software releases.

Four Step Process

Bringing science skills together in the one place makes it easier for scientists and the public to find science freelancers to finish their jobs.

1. Define Your Needs

Define the skills and requirements needed to finish your project. If unsure about what type of science skills are required, email our helpdesk at [email protected].

2. Search for Scientists

Search the database of scientists. Alternatively, contact us our helpdesk with a desciprion of your project and estimated budget. We will list your project and seek appropriate candidates to fulfill your requirements

3. Order

Evaluate candidate scientists and place your order.

4. Receive Products & Pay

Receive products, pay for services and review and rate the experience. Dispute resolution assistance will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are grouped according to demand side (science consumers) and supply side (science providers or "vendors"). If any questions are not addressed, please contact us at [email protected].

FAQ - Demand Side (Looking for Science)

A Few Good Scientists is a platform for traditional sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, earth sciences etc) and also for the social and human sciences (psychology, linguistics etc).
The costs will be set by the vendor (seller) with agreement from the purchaser. Vendors can charge per job or per unit of time. Recommened ranges for hourly rates will be provided on the site, based on level of experience. However, vendors are free to operate outside these ranges. Buyers and vendors are free to negotiate rates. For jobs charged at hourly rates, buyers and vendors are encouraged to discuss prior to the job, any expectations about length of time to complete the job, maximum payment for the job and what will happen in the event of the job taking longer than the expected time to complete.
Science is a universal language and scientists may come from anywhere in the world. Scientists are required to list their country and city of residence when registering. This will be displayed on their home page.
To assess competence, look to the following factors:

- Qualifications

- Verification of qualifications

- Experience

- User ratings

- Number of jobs completed

- Links to external sites used by academic researchers eg ResearchGate, Academia.edu and GoogleScholar.

This is an issue to be decided by soley the buyer and the vendor (seller). Ensure that confidentiality requirements are discussed and agreed upon with the vendor prior to commencement of the job.

This is an issue to be decided by soley the buyer and the vendor (seller). Ensure that authorship is discussed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of work.

The website is PCI compliant (i.e. it meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). Further, the Scientists.Co store is SSL certified via AlphaSSL, Global Sign.

Buying is easy. Simply:

- Register an account. This can be done before or after searching. Download customer registration instructions here or view the instructions online.

- Search the platform using the Simple Search field in the top right corner of the Scientists.Co homepage.

- OR do an Advanced Search, located in the footer of the Scientists.Co homepage.

If there is something that you want to buy but is not available, you can post a project or send us a message with your request. As the site grows, the scope of products and services will increase.

FAQ - Supply Side (Selling Science)

Of course. The term "scientist" is used in the broadest sense and encompasses engineers, medical doctors, mathematicians, statisticians, IT specialists, science communicators, social scientists, and - of course - people who identify themselves as scientists. Science communicators and illustrators are also included.
Yes. Whilst people with formal qualifications would come with a higher recommended rate of pay, this is no preclusion from offering services. If you are good at something, lack of formal qualifications should not hold you back. However, be mindful of the Dunning-Kruger effect ("unskilled and unaware of it").
Registration is free. All you need is the time to set up your account and whatever time you might need for further skill development. Different jobs will require different types and levels of skills. Realistically, you may be able to get started on some jobs immediately, but some may require time. Download vendor registration instructions here or view the instructions online
Vendors (sellers) can offer their services and products at any rate. Recommended rates will be posted on the site as a guide. Vendors are free to go outside this range and charges can be negotiated between vendor and buyer. Rates offered may depened on the type of service and the qualifications and experience of the vendor.
No problem. Vendors (sellers) can make use of the "vendor vacation" function to let potential customers know that they are currently unavailable (eg during grant writing season, when writing papers, busy experimenting etc).

Registering is easy, simply Register a Vendors' Account. Download vendor registration instructions here or view the instructions online .

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